• MCPA and member companies has promoted programs providing training in responsible use of crop protection products in the context of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy.
  • A participatory approach has been adopted, with an emphasis on training-of-trainers and working in partnership with other stakeholders.
  • A number of guidelines and web-based training materials have been produced by our headquarter, CropLife International.
  • Messages in responsible use of crop protection products reach many millions each year through various media campaigns.

The plant science industry is committed to promoting practices that encourage the responsible, safe and efficient use of its products. This is undertaken within the context of promoting an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy, and forms an important part of the industry’s life-cycle approach to product stewardship.


Responsible Use of Crop Protection Products – The Future

The responsible and effective use of crop protection products continues to be an issue that is extremely important to the industry.  MCPA will continue to support training activities on the responsible use of crop protection products, within the framework of an Integrated Pest Management strategy.  We recognize, however, that it is not possible for one group alone to reach all farmers and stakeholders and that training and extension programs need to be undertaken in partnership with others and be aimed at achieving sustainable changes in behavior.  Collaboration with governments and their agencies, national and international organizations, NGOs, donor agencies, the agricultural distribution chain, to name but a few, is vital to the future successes in improving impact and outreach.