Appropriate packaging plays an essential role in ensuring that crop protection products are safely delivered to the end user. The plant science industry is taking the lead to ensure the development, use and appropriate disposal or recycling of crop protection containers is managed sustainably to protect both farmer health and the environment.

In Malaysia, the pilot project on the Recycling of Used HDPE Pesticide Containers was launched in April 2003 in Cameron Highlands. MCPA was (and is) the major stakeholder with the Department of Agriculture (DoA) who was the lead agency of this project. The pilot project was one of the “Economic Approaches for Sustainable Development” projects approved by the EPU-DANIDA Steering Committee in early 2001 with the objectives to:

  • Supplement existing regulatory framework
  • Induce people, organizations and enterprises to adopt environmentally friendly behavior through the provision of incentives and/or disincentives

The pilot project was brought to a successful conclusion in 2004 and the Government decided to move forward by establishing the Recycling of Used HDPE Pesticide Containers Program. This program expanded to include other areas – Selangor, Johore and the plantations.

The main committee which coordinates the program is chaired by the Deputy Director General (Operations) of the DoA.

In September 2006 the DoA, based on the reported activities in Pahang (Cameron Highlands), Selangor, Johore and the plantations, decided to expand the program to include all states in Peninsular Malaysia. These state level committees would be chaired by the respective State Directors of Agriculture, while the plantations is chaired by the Malaysian Palm Oil Association.

For more information on Recycling of Used HDPE Pesticide Containers Program, feel free to contact Pesticides Control Division, Department of Agriculture Malaysia (+603 2030 1400) or MCPA.